Rita Hamilton-Cameron

Administrative Assistant

Rita Hamilton-Cameron, Jock’s wife, has an MBA with a Finance concentration and over 25 years of operational experience working for large companies in the Financial and Healthcare sectors. While working in financial services, Rita acquired direct experience in retirement planning. Rita’s additional areas of expertise include formal leadership, process optimization, operational excellence, profit/loss management, and executing organizational strategy. Prior to joining the team at JMC Financial, Rita held the position of Deputy Chief Operating Officer for a large national company. Using her customer centric focus and process improvement background, Rita always places the needs the of the customer first to ensure the service they receive is efficient, timely, and accurate. Rita works closely with Nicole, Scott, and Jock on all client related activities to deliver a high level of service to every customer every time.

Rita and Jock live in Batavia IL with their two cats, Elmo and Noodles and their dog, Maxwell, and enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren.

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